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Let me help you set goals and take the necessary steps to reach your full potential in a safe, motivating, and encouraging environment.

Staying Focused. Moving Forward.


  • Are you ready to regain or gain your sense of purpose, to dream again, and to move forward in your destiny, regardless of devastating life experiences?

  • Do you need help discovering your gifts and talents and figuring out how and where you could use them? 

  • Have you made mistakes and now feel that there is no longer hope and a future for you?

  • Are you wondering what your purpose is or if you even have a purpose, worth, or value?

  • Are you willing to explore how what you are going through could serve as preparation for WHO you are becoming?

  • Are you a Ministry Leader who needs a safe place where you are treated as a human being, not your position?

  •  Do you struggle during certain times of year to maintain focus and a sense of hope?

  • Do you wonder if you can live a meaningful life regardless of your circumstances? 




There are exciting times in life when our dreams are so big that we need a little or a lot of help getting started.  It helps to have someone to assist us when we’ve gotten stuck along the way.  Sometimes we may need someone to help motivate us to dream again while we overcome the damage done to us by others or even ourselves.  Other times in life we may feel alone and just need a listening ear.  Whatever season of life we find ourselves, help and resources are available.

The good news is that no storm lasts forever and that God never changes His mind about His plans for us.  What we do does not determine our identity, but learning who we are empowers us to make authentic decisions. 

Staying Focused
Moving Forward
Dicovering Your Purpose
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Debra McAllister, BS, CPC, Behavioral Coach


I have had to navigate some really hard things and she has helped to keep me anchored on my path. She has helped me embrace the pain of the process when needed and has kept me accountable to any changes I agreed to make. Over that time Debra has been nothing but encouraging and supportive. She has operated with truth, integrity and discretion as she has a good understanding on how important it is to be someone’s confidante. Her mentoring is well worth the investment.

T.B. (Melbourne, Au)



The snow flake fell and I crumbled earlier this year, and in my bewilderment, I noticed patterns with continuous cycles.  Each scenario was very different and I knew there was a key piece to the puzzle that I was missing. 

All the while, I continued to persevere and had made difficult choices to embrace God's plan for my life.  And having done "all else," I stood, but I still needed someone to help me discern the patterns and their message from another's perspective.

This would require significant amounts of communication and time, an ear to hear and great patience from another.  In addition, their foundation would have to be based on the Word of God and someone I could trust!  Someone who had themselves been on the battlefield and could comprehend with their spirit.

I wasn't looking for someone to "sugar coat" where I was, nor help me level blame on someone else.  Rather, they could help me interpret, much like Daniel had with King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. Wisdom to understand what was happening so the veil could be pulled back and I could see the Lord's strategy and empower me to walk out.

Dealing with roots are painful but must be dealt with.  My prayers were answered when Debra's and my paths casually crossed and our Divine Appointment was seized!  Debra is authentic and has come along side of me and has helped me refocus the Kaleidoscope of life during a difficult period.  

Janice (Frisco, TX) 


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The thing I like best is that she really listens and does not judge.  She accepted where I was in my problem and offered advice and resources that helped me.  Debra’s kindness and caring is revealed in her personality and conversation.  Thank you for the listening ear and support.

M.J. (Celina,TX)



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Debra McAllister has been a loving, faithful prayer warrior, and sister in Christ. She is someone who truly embodies an authentic spirit of peace, humility, and compassion. Her caring heart, gentle presence, and words of wisdom from above has enriched and added value to my life!

Sherilyn, (Plano, TX)